Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hoops: Real Talk

Up in the studio getting blowed, to realest shhh I ever wrote....

Is the Nba softer than college? I'm throwing that out there. I see cats in the NCAA putting real Defense on guys. What's real defense you ask?

Real defense is not letting a guy cut where he wants to cut without feeling a forearm or a body on him. Real defense is getting so tight on your man with the ball that you are not just inside his jersey, but your knuckles are under his underarmour. Real defense is knocking a scorer to the hardwood for no other reason than ...just cause he's a scorer.

I watched a classic game today, game 3, Spurs vs Sonics in the 2005 NBA playoffs. The NBA sure has changed. I saw Danny Fortson knock a longhaired Manu Ginobili to the ground with a foul so hard I cringed a bit. Nowadays, that's a flagrant 2, and your tossed, back then, it's just a hard foul. Did Manu complain? Nope, he got up and knocked down two from the line. Why? Because it's a man's game! That's why. Basketball is a man's game. It's a full contact man's game.
And back in the day when men played, you earned everything you got. Look at Jordan's Bulls against the Knicks. I may be alone in this, but I want to see the NBA officials let a little more go.
I don't like the rule that you can't impede a player on his cut, how the hell are you supposed to play defense on these ridiculous scorers if you have to let them go wherever they want?

Back to college. All I see in the college game is guys putting up huge numbers. Guys dropping 40 plus regularly and guys averaging over 20 like it's nobodies business. How is this happening in two 20 minute halves? Well, they moved the three point line back just enough to extend defenses. It's still college, so that means the athletes just aren't quick or long enough to get out there in time to get a decent challenge. Which means defenses are little late, which means a field day for scorers. Couple that with NBA caliber players ineligible to enter the draft till their nineteen and you got a deeper talent pool in the college game. I'm on the tip that the age limit for the NBA should be 20. Let these guys spend two years in college, all that will happen is that college basketball will be even better and when these guys get to the league they will be more complete and better players.

Back to the NBA. Is anyone watching what my man D Wade is doing? Is there a better closer in the game right now? Im just asking cuz Flash just dropped 24 in the fourth quater against the Knicks in a dazzling performance that reminded everyone why this guy already has a ring and an NBA finals MVP on his resume.

While we are at it, who is rookie of the year? Derrik Rose? Michael Beasley? OJ Mayo? Who am I missing?

One more thing....Did anyone catch Shaq's performance against the Craptors? 20-25, for 45 in just 35 minutes. Sorry Dwight, but the original Superman, the true son of Jerrel hasn't done that since 2003. Shaq was wheeling and dealing, crossing guys, and dunking everrrrrrrrything!
Hey, all of us right now who grew up watching this guy should feel blessed. There will never be another Shaq, never be another footer that powerful that nimble and that entertaining. On the same tip, Colangelo should be fired. I know that's sacrilidge in the basketball community, but someone tell me how the Raptors have gotten better since he's been at the helm? He tried to create a run and gun style team with a bunch of Euro shooters but the game changed on him. The Raptors have no inside presence and no defense. You can't run and gun if you always have to take the ball out of the nylon. Free up all the cap space you want, but Bosh would be a fool to come back in 2010. Firing Sam Mitchell did nothing but piss me off. No offense to Jay, but that wasn't the problem.

Back to SHaq.....Did anyone see how he went into the stands!? He damned near took the head off a bombshell blond. Bet when she copped those courtside seats she didnt think she'd get a shoulder in the face from the Diesel. Ha! Classic.

Closing remarks:

Kobe is MVP. King James might be the greatest athlete ever, a shame he can't be like BO and play two sports, because he should be playing football too. D Wade is the best fourth quater performer and Chris Paul and Tony Parker are the best at the pg, with D williams a close third.

That's my word. Go nuggets!

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