Monday, November 2, 2009

Can We Talk About...

Don't you hate it when shit happens in sports and you look over your shoulder and can't find anyone who wants to have a reasonable discussion on the matter? That said...

Can We Talk About

Can we talk about Brett Farve. The Man, The Legend. The purple warrior who stormed into Green Bay, the tundra, admist babies crying, women and children screaming, and straight took their heart. The funny thing about what Brett just did, in the end it has nothing to do with Green Bay or their fans. It has everything to do with Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a heck of a quaterback, but he's not Farve. And yes, he may at times be comparable statistically to Favre, throw in the fact that he gets his bell rung everytime he drops back, and you can make the arguement that he's a great quaterback. But he still wouldn't be Brett Favre. And that's the problem. It's a problem for Rodgers because the expectations on him are unrealistic. You can expect greatness but not a legend. My hope is that this won't hurt Rodgers career, but it won't surprise me if it does. Rodgers gets hit more times than David Justice's wife. Unless they get an O line that can protect this guy, he won't be mobile very long. He's out there getting himself killed trying to live up to some expectations. And you can see it. He's a smart QB when he's on, yet we saw him holding on to the ball trying to make plays that just aren't there. I don't know, like I said, I just hope it doesn't hurt his career.

Can we talk about the NBA please?

First off, let me just say, I've called Boston.
Can we talk about how good Rondo fits on that team? A pass first point guard who rebounds, plays good D and will be content with a bucket and some dimes on the Celtics is just dirty.

Can we talk about O.J Mayo and how dirty he looks this year? Dropped 40 last night from everywhere. How is Iverson going to fit in on that team, isn't it Mayo's show. Oh wait I forgot, he can just take the shots from...let's see, Rudy Gay? No, how about Zack Randolph, because Big Zack doesn't like to shoot it. (cough) Blackhole. Connely Jr isnt passing up shot is he? There's enough mouths that need to be fed on that team, I can't wait to see it.

Can we talk about Brandon Roy?
Because Brandon Roy might be playing himself a spot on the next Redeem team or redream team or whatever they call it. He's that nice. So if he's invited to try out, the question is who do you take him over? Wade? Blasphemy. If he plays the point, is he in there over Paul or Dwill? Lately, can't call it. That's why these things need to be discussed.

Can we talk about the Raptors?
Are they going to be good this year?
I don't see how. I want to see, but I just don't see it.
Their defense in the front court is terrible and it's a function of their personel. Bosh and Barney aren't going to stop any of the premier big men in the league. Yes, they may score and score plenty on them, but they get outrebounded and out bodied consistently on the block. And that's fine, as long as you have a team that speeds the pace up, runs and guns. But I don't see the raptors doing that. It should start with your PG. Jose Calderon needs to be the Nash or Paul on that team and he needs to shoot more often and push the ball relentlessly. But it's not happening, because that hasn't been his style. He was always the knock down big open shot, take care of the ball, run the offense guy. So to me, there lies the disconnect, because the Raptors are built to run and they should have kept Ford, there never should have been a controversy. Not taking anything from Jose, because I think he's good, but what team would he start on? Would he start ahead of Chalmers? Harris? Felton? Mo Williams? J Nelson? Rondo? Bibby or Crawford? Duhon even? Probably Duhon. But seriously, they dropped the ball on Ford.
And on Sam Mitchell. And we know how that went and its a business so we all understand.
The reality is Sam Mitchell wouldn't and probably from his point of view, couldn't play Barney big minutes and still have a chance to win. He just couldn't. So what you have is a situation where your number one pick overall hasn't developed as expected and is basically looking like a bust. Who does that fall on? The man in the pinstripes that's who, Colangelo. Imagine the convo...
Col: Hey, you gotta play him.
Mitch: I did
Col: No, I mean more than that.
Mitch: He's not ready.
Col: How can he get ready if you dont play him?
Mitch: My job is to win games.
Col: My job is make number one picks that aren't busts and hire and fire coaches.
Mitch: You do yours and I'll do mine.
Col: I am. Your fired.

Someone had to go. Don't forget, Mitchell got axed when the team was 8-9. That's almost five hundred with injuries up the ass. And I've seen interviews, Mitchell knew the deal, it's a business.

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