Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can we Talk About

Can we talk about...

Who is the best player in the NBA right now? Kobe? LBJ or D Wade?
I may have ruffled a few feathers when I proclaimed that D Wade was the best player in the league. As my cousin called me out...Yes, I did see that monstrosity of a dunk on Varaejouch and I lost my damn mind.

Who can blame me? I'm quick to hand out best titles, sometimes prematurely, but it's not my fault. I am from a generation of bests. All I know is bests. If you were born in the 70's or early 80's or slightly before, ya'll know what I'm saying. Best gangster rap, Best R&B, Best Macdonalds, till they took those daily meal deals away...

If there is a best in something, good chance my generation has seen it.
Let's just run down the best list real quick:

Bests Ever

King of Pop- Michael Jackson
Queen of Pop- Janet Jackson
Greatest basketball player of all time- Michael Jordan
Greatest hockey player of all time- The Great One
Greatest Golf player of all time- Woodsy
Greatest Tennis player of all time- Federer

( Derek Jeter is best in something..I won't say best yankee hitter al time because you can get killed in certain circles for that...But he is the alltime Yankee leader in hits and does have 5 rings..)

Greatest homerun hitter of all time- ***B*ar*ry B*o*nds*********************************

It gets a little dicey after Bonds. Want to talk NFL Quaterbacks? Whether you say Manning, Brady, Montana, Elway or Marino, still, we've seen them at their best.

So sorry if If I'm always on that best tip.

Can we talk about who the best rookie in the NBA is?
It's Brandon Jennings. The kid might be an allstar this year. So let's move on.

Can we talk about Chris Bosh?

It's safe to say that Shaq's comments about Bosh being the Rupaul of bigmen really were taken to heart by CB. Because this year, the man is on a mission and he's playing tough aggressive basketball and his numbers are off the charts.

But the Raptors... and I've said this before, I've never believed in Jose Calderon. I loved him as a back up PG, but not as the main guy. Just imagine that lineup with TJ running the point.
I actually hope Jose proves me wrong.

Can we talk about Gilbert Arenas turning the ball over 12 times!

Who is he trying to be? Me? Why the hell is he running the point anyway? Newsflash, he wants to shoot it!!!! Anyways, once he shakes off that rust, the Wizards have something going there. They just got Jamison back and he looks sharp, that team could be dangerous.

Can we talk about who is for real in the NBA right now?

Number one, I don't believe Phoenix is for real. I really don't. I love Nash and Amare and the way Phoenix is getting it done right now, but it's a long season, and they just aren't as deep as they need to be to be top of the class. I see them cooling off just like the Heat.

Even though D Wade is unstoppable, unless J.O has a 4 year flashback, they'll cool off too.
Where's the scoring really going to come from? Q Rich? Beasley? Chalmers? I'm not convinced.

You can't tell me the Bucks are for real either. Yes, they got some pieces, but unless Jennings is better than he looks right now, which is hard to believe, they are a 500 team at best. Even with Redd.

Can we talk about the last Sunday Night Football game?

I have heard intense arguements from both sides of this. On one hand, you got the pure coaching minds that argue:

"Your on your own damn 38 with a buck thirty and change on the clock, kick the damn football away and let your defense close this out. Play the percentages".

On the other hand, you have those who say,

" go for it on 4 and 3, get it and that's game. You got Tom Brady at QB, playmakers like Moss, Faulk, Welker and such, make it happen"!

I see that arguement. Keeping in mind Manning was on fire and did have a timeout left, he doesn't need much. I have to say, I was yelling go for it.

Bottom line is this: It was a bad call, one of the worst ever. Why? Because it didn't work and that's the only reason why and everyone knows it. It was pretty close, in New England that might be a first down but not in Nap town. But had they made that, it's just another great call by coach Cheater er, Belichick.

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