Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Building Strength and Endurance

Excellent strength and unbeatable endurance are two characteristics of a high profile athlete. Both of these attributes are often accompanied by explosiveness. These physical qualities can be built and expanded upon, but it requires consistent training, determination and mental toughness. No pain, no gain.

Jason Noel, a successful high profile personal trainer in Vancouver British Columbia emphasizes these qualities in his training philosophy, and he epitomizes them in his own personal life. At roughly 5`10, 180lbs, Mr. Noel is what you call a powerhouse.

Observe The General at work, getting it DONE.

Jason N 20RM Squat (275lbs) from Crossfit Optimum Performance on Vimeo.

Whether you`re an athlete in training, or you just want to improve your physique or personal fitness level, this guy can help you achieve your personal goals.

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Contact: Jason Noel (604) 512-0554

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