Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ESPN Shattered Dreams Interview

Let me first begin by making a slight correction, I'm not actually 5'10, in fact in my college ball days I was listed at *cough* 6'0...I'm probably closer to 6'1, but my shoulders slope, and I've been told I look as tall as 6'2 on weekends, just to clarify...

So in the span of less than a week, suddenly this video goes viral... why? Was it because I broke the glass on a MISSED dunk while trying to show off/inspire the 14 and 15 year old St Patrick's HS team I coach?

They see me dunk it, and they see I'm not that tall, they think they can do that too, and I NEVER EVER tell them that they can't do or accomplish something/anything.

Maybe it's funny for other reasons...Wait, check that, not only did I break the glass and MISS the dunk, but I landed flat on my back and probably (if not for the grace of God) should have broke my neck...AGAIN! ...It's pretty damn FUNNY!

You know, I've been asked why this whole thing is so popular, and I don't know why. It probably means something different to everyone who watches it. To me, it's hilarious. I get a kick out of everyone's reaction to it. Perhaps one of the funniest reactions I've heard about, was apparently, someone wished that glass landed in my eye. LOL. It didn't, but I appreciate the love. Lol.

In all the inspirational sports screenplays I create and love there's always one theme that is consistent :

People love to watch someone try really, really hard to achieve something and then fall FLAT on their face...or in my back. But you know what people love even more? They love it when you bounce back. Everyone loves the comeback. That's a fundamental part of every sports movie. Maybe people like it because my back bounced when it hit the floor.

Oh and btw, people have been asking me what I was thinking in mid air...Aside from expletives...At around 11 seconds, I was thinking

"I'm the biggest stud and loser all at the same time"

And then I remember I was slightly confused as to how that was possible.

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