Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who is Anthony Morrow?

If you haven't seen this kid in action lately you need to peep this.

The un-drafted free agent and 23-year old Anthony Morrow has dazzled NBA fans since Nelly decided to start his 6'5 wiry ass at shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors. In his debut start he set the record for the most points scored by an un-drafted rookie when he dropped a 37 spot on the Clippers, he followed that up with a dirty 25 points on the Trailblazers in his second career start. Morrow has been an inferno since he got the nod. In his first two career starts he has shot 23-32 (71%) from the field and 7-9 from behind the arc. Can you say lighting it? And I have to admit, he looks good doing it.

Who is he? Where did he come from? Don't worry, I decided to find out.
A-Mo, as he's known on the streets, is a North Carolina kid, who played his college ball for Georgia Tech. In college the most points he averaged was 16 in his sophomore year, he averaged 14.3 in 32 games as a senior and went un-drafted. He balled out in the summer leagues and showed unbelievable range leading to him getting picked up by the floundering Warriors after the Baron Davis fiasco. It was thought that he would make a decent back up at the shooting guard position and critics questioned his athleticism and one-on-one prowess. He was deemed as a poor leaper and a good shooter that lacked explosiveness.

So far he's proving everyone wrong.

Now the true test for Morrow begins. Teams are actually going to have him on the scouting report and they will be keying on trying to slow him down and expose his weaknesses. Now we get to see what he's really made of.

Flash in the pan? Or are we about to add another superstar to the ever growing list of NBA human highlight reels?

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