Friday, October 3, 2008

Cubs In Deep Trouble

The Cubs are in deep trouble. But don't blame the game 1 one loss on the Cubs, that's on the fans at Wrigley. I have never seen a Wrigley crowd so quiet, check that, so NERVOUS! Nervous fans are the demise of every team, especially teams who are trying to break a century old drought. As if there isn't enough pressure on the Cubbies to begin with, not only are they expected to waltz to the World Series, which is absolutely ridiculous in baseball, but they walk into Wrigley Field and find their own fans sitting on their thumbs biting their lips. Maybe the night game threw the Chicagoans off. You know, they were'nt used to getting drunk so late in the day, maybe actually going to work on a Cubs game day might have tuckered them out.

Game 2 was terrible to watch, unless your a Dodgers fan. Zambrano actually pitched pretty well, it's a shame his defense was swiss cheese. The Cubs are in trouble. That is not the same Dodgers team that people think they are. Since Ramirez got there, this team has changed, they've loosened up in the dugout and in the clubhouse- and it has translated to their play on the field. They're having having fun. And why shouldn't they? They have the best hitter in the game which means everyone else is going to see great pitches to hit. It's a fun way to play baseball, just ask the Red Sox and David Ortiz! FYI Red Sox fan--get on your knees right now and pray you don't see No. 99 in pinstripes next year.


Kid said...

Am I the only one who saw Manny smile before he hit that moonshot off Zambrano? The Cubs are definitely in trouble. Poor Zambrano, tailor made double play to get out of trouble and they boot it!
He should have taken off his belt..again. Dogders Sweep.

Suicide Squeeze said...

If the Yankees get Ramirez next year I will not only off myself, but my family and all my friends because I don't them to have to live through that. The Dodgers are going to World Series and it will hurt me when Ramirez comes to town. He's a traitor but I still love the guy.

Red Sox take the World Series in 6.

Buckwild said...

When is Pinella gonna sit down Fuckyoudome? The guy is hitting a buck and change in the last two months, who cares how good of a fielder he is, we need some runs!

And what happened to our middle relief? I threw my perscription glasses away, my eyesight is 20 freaking 20 after that Game 2 laser show.

It's all good though. As soon as Pinella gets his ass back from Torre and the boys get on the road we'll be allright. Cubs in 5.