Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally A World Series Finale

The World Series of baseball wrapped up last night with the Philadelphia Phillies edging out the Tampa Bay Rays in a three and half inning thriller. Just like that, it was over. I don't know if it's just me, but something didn't feel right about that ending. I'm not blaming Bud Selig for making a debacle out of a bad situation... And the city of Philadelphia does deserves to finally have a champion... All I'm saying is there was something cheap about that ending.

The players showed up, a couple of pitches were thrown, and then Wham Bam thank you Ma'am it was over.It was like paying a hooker for sex.

Not that I have, but I imagine you have the same dirty, somewhat satisfied, but empty feeling afterwards. Yes, mother nature wasn't friendly, but what do you expect from a Philadelphian November? Any purest would probably agree that concluding a World Series on a three and a half inning quickie is not how they wanted to see an otherwise exciting baseball season end.

Don't get me wrong, the better team won the Series. Philadelphia was without question deserving of the title. Their bullpen was nails and the Philly hitters, though terrible with runners in scoring position, hit when they had to and did enough to win games. Brad Lidge has completely redeemed himself as a closer, he was well...Perfect.

On the other hand, contrary to what many believe is the beginning of familair scene of the Rays in the World Series, I'm not there yet.

I saw a young and talented ball club that probably missed their best chance to win their first World Series. Yes, they have a solid pitching staff, a young blossoming closer in Price and a host of young talented everyday players, that much is obvious. Which means it's obvious to everyone else in the American League East, the toughest division in baseball. A division which includes both the Yankees and the Red Sox, teams that dwarf the Rays payroll and are guaranteed to go out and buy whatever they need to get better, but more importantly, whatever they need to beat the Rays. Yes the Rays will be competitive in years to come, but they missed one here, the Phillies were a very beatable opponent.

The Phillies are a good team, but they are'nt great. They went something like 10-67 with runners in scoring position and they really only have Hamels and Myers as legitimate starters. The Rays have to be stunned at how well they were picked apart by the grizzled veteran Jamie Moyer. The youth of the Rays really showed in their impatience and indecision at the plate and costly mistakes in the field.

The Rays looked like they were figuring it out as the series progressed and it would have been interesting to see what would have happened had the Rays been able to send the series back to Tampa.

Instead, in an anti-climatic warm up, the series was decided and the Phillies are the 2008 World Champions.

Well they say there's no crying in baseball, so you probably won't hear much about this again,
but I can't be the only one who was left feeling a little used.

I mean, you hang on for 162 plus games, two division series and then pffttt...Anyways I digress.

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