Monday, October 6, 2008

Lakers Bandwagon-Register Now

I just saw a picture of the mammoth the Lakers are claiming is Andrew Bynum.

Egads. Can you say "bench press".

He looks like Dwight Howard on steroids. No wonder he was "untradeable". There is only one other guy that I have ever seen that looked like that and his name began with Shaq and ended with "How does my ass taste Kobe".

Okay, so who is jumping aboard the Lakers bandwagon this year? You turncoat sellouts seem to show up around mid May every year. I'm thinking it's going to be a little earlier this year.


Kid said...

Bynum looks Diesel, but he's no Shaq.
Lakers are taking it all this year, and that aint bandwagon jumping, that's just common sense.

Suicide Squeeze said...

Lakers suck. Kobe turtled in the finals. Bynum makes them stronger, but how does he fit into the triangle offense. Prediction: More frustration for Kobe---Boston Repeats!

Voice of Treason said...

If the NBA is going to run with the same promo and commercials "NBA where amazing happens."

They should do one called "NBA, where soft happens." And show the picture of the Lakers big men.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we hear the talk "But if Bynum was healthy..."
But the dude wasn't.

I'm not trying to discredit homeboy, I think he's a an absolute beast. But he's had what, one full season where he played 82 games as a starter? No playoff experience?

Compared to the East the West is weak. So many teams with high expectations shat the bed. Houston? Shat a solid brick. Denver? Triple coiler. Sure the Laker made a hell of a run but against beantown? Shat all over themselves.... NBA where soft happens.

Sorry Kobe, your cinderella story story didn't happen last year. The shoe doesn't fit. This year you'll find out that you're in the wrong damn fairytale altogether.

PS- You may have won MVP and your PR people may have succeeded in cleaning up your image.... But I'm on to you Kobe. We haven't forgotten. Snake in the grass. Pffft! Black mamba indeed.

L-Trane said...

I'll go on record as jumping on the bandwagon right now. I'm not saying that I want to, because I really am not a Lakers fan whatsoever, but I really think it needs to be done. Barring any health issues, nobody can touch them this year, and I don't think that the Celtics have what it takes to do it back to back. Everyone knows Ray Allen's legs are almost shot (if not already), and I really don't think that they can sit on another Leon Powe cinderella story to push them to the ship this year. Really, I say it depends on the play of Rajon Rondo aka Fingers