Friday, October 10, 2008

NFL: Who is for Real?

We head into week 6 of one of the most unpredictable NFL seasons in recent memory. Nothing has turned out like it was supposed to. The Patriots aren't undeafeated, the Chargers are struggling, the Colts are suspect, Cleveland is terrible, the Bengals are still winless and a Tennessee Titan team without Vince Young is perfect.

My question is, who is for real?

McNabb and the Eagles have shown flashes of brilliance but tanked last week. Dallas is looking good. With the exception of their shocking home loss to the Redskins, they have been dominant. But it's all about egos with that team, and I'm not sure that new stadium is big enough to house T.O's. It will be interesting to see how they deal with adversity, Mr Owens "me first" attitude might affect team chemistry.

The Redskins might be the flying under the radar, but they have beat some quality teams. They beat Philadelphia, Dallas and handled Arizona. In the next three weeks they play Detroit, St. Louis and Cleveland. We could be looking at a team that is 7-1 going into week 9.

Remeber the Titans. How could we forget them? Vince Young ends up on suicide watch and the next thing you know this team undeafeated heading into week 6. Bottom line, the Titans defense is THAT good. Perhaps the most shocking part is that they are being lead by Kerry "Tom Collins" . This is a guy who didn't quite get it done with the G-men--but then again he was reportedly a raging alcoholic at the time---looks like he's sobered up now. But can he carry them all the way? I'm not con-Vinced.

What about the G-men? Nobody wants to talk about how they are still quietly shitkicking teams. Can somebody please explain to me why they aren't the odds on favorite to repeat---I think I just answered my own question. Nobody rePats.

Who is for real? Who is flying under the radar--who's a sleeper? This season, it's anyone's guess, unless your picking a team from Ohio.


Buckwild said...

It's completely up in the air. Anyone who has been watching the NFl, especially after this week will agree. When the G-men get taken to the woodshed by the Browns that's when you know this year is up for grabs.

The Cowboys made a huge move in picking up Roy Williams, it will be interesting to see what kind of player he will be once Romo gets back and he actually has a legitimate QB tossing him the pigskin.

Don't sleep on the Colts. Manning is healthy again, and that offense is rolling. If I had to call it, the Colts would be my pick. Once it's all said and done, you might see them at the top of the heap.

ryyan said...

Just so you know... It is now week 9. If (and do understand the conjunction used) the Saints don't have Will Smith, Deuce and Charles Grant suspended then you have to realize they can win the rest of there games. Their hardest game left is a home game against the panthers and they own Car @ home.. They have GB, ATL(2), TB, Det, Chi,KC,Car. @ this point all of those teams are either overrated or just simply bad(det, kc, Gb, atl,yes atl is bad they have 1 quality win on the rd in GB that doesn't earn that much respect). At this point the Saints @ the very least should be 6-2. Thanks to mr Hochuli(denver lined up in neutral zone on critical 3rd n 1 forcing a missed 42 yd fg on 4th down vs den wit 121 left in the game and the facemask miss and fumble miss in the monday night minnesota fiasco) they lose 2 great opportunities to have at least 2 more wins. They concievably could have won the redskins game too, rookie cb porter bit on a route by speedy santana moss and the saints blew a 9 pt lead in the 4th quarter with 630 left on the clock (thanks horton!) So my favorite out of the NFC- Saints! AFC? Surprise surprise ..."Allow e to reintroduce myself, my name is D" that is the mantra of the upstart Titans, but they aren't my favorite... Enter a much better offence with a comparable defence and a tougher schedule and only 2 more losses through 9 weeks, Da Bills! Edwards has emerged as a star, Lynch proved he can "hang" with the top backs in the NFL and Evans is the new TJ "who's ya mama" because every week he puts up #s makes tough catches and he's never mentioned in the talks of great recievers this year wit regards to performance. 6-2 will be tough for anyone to debate especially with 3 4th q comebacks...
Bills vs Saints...
Or if you wanna follow everything you read in the newspaper Wash vs Tenn
Pray the latter never happens, BORING!!!!