Monday, October 20, 2008

Memoirs Of A Bitter Bluejays Fan

I hate the Red Sox. I hate the Rays. With the exception of saint Jeter, I hate the Yankees too.
I hate the Phillies because they are not the Jays and I hate the World Series because the Jays are not in it, I guess then I hate the Rays even more because they are in the World Series.

The Red Sox bother me and part of me is glad they lost. The other part of me wishes I could have seen Trail native Jason Bay play in the World Series, because that would have been special on a whole other level... And add additional bragging rights to the home of the Champions.

I know everyone is singing Joe Maddons praises in how he's got the Rays to this point. I'm not on that bandwagon. Not that I missed it, it stopped in front of me, and while everybody else jumped on it, I kicked the back wheel.

Why? Because I'm hater? Yes. But it's more complicated than that. Hate can only take you so far until at some point you have tip your cap to a job well done. But not me. I hate the Rays because they are doing what my Bluejays should be doing. And that type of hate is un-relenting.

As for Maddon...His willy nilly managerial style makes me sick. Yeah, yeah, I see the results, but hate is blind. The man must have the biggest horseshoe up his ass because some of the calls he makes...Percentage wise...Well to be frank, it's borderline outrageous.

He'll stick with right handers to get out power lefties with the game on the line, then in other situations he'll let guys swing for the fences when he should be giving the bunt sign, pushing runners into scoring position and playing for the sure run. He allows B.J Upton to play so ridiculously shallow in center field, he makes last second starting pitching changes for crucial games... He'll even bring in a rookie pitcher with no post-season experience to close out Game 7 of the ALCS against the Red Sox! Somehow he get's the job done.

Will he make me a believer? I'll tell you what...

Every pitch, every at swing, every call, every sign, every steal and every at-bat---I'll be second guessing Maddon the whole way.

Maddon has stuck with all his crazy hunches and the lucky son of a gun has been right almost every time. But I don't buy it. Yeah, I know there's a lot of superstition in baseball. And maybe he really is so locked in, so connected to his young players like a father to his children, that he feels the game. Maybe. And maybe, just maybe he can ride his hunches all the way to a World Series title. As much as I hate, I couldn't say that Maddon and the Rays didn't deserve it after the season they have put together.

If he does get that ring, and that bandwagon shows up at my front door...

I'll kick the tire again.

Cito for president.

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