Monday, October 6, 2008

Trail AKA Championville

I don't think anyone can legitimately dispute that per capita, Trail BC is King of all sports towns in not only BC---obviously, but in Canada. I think right about now that is pretty much fact. Scoreboard.

Here's another fact. Trail is literally, not figuratively, The Home of the Champions, and I'm not just saying that because I'm from there. They're not just champions of Canada, but the WORLD. Yes, the World. The Trail Smokeaters have won not one, but two World Championships in 1939 and 1961. Two World Championships. Scoreboard.

There was a time--when you couldnt see Trail in hockey, baseball, and even basketball.

Unfortunately, a wave of second rate crack, (which I can only assume was planted by other jealous sports towns) is ripping through Championville and has slowed our dominance to small degree.

I could sound off forever but I don't have to----it's already documented in the WIKI.
Check it.

Here is a great link on the criteria to be a champion in Trail.

Oh and... Scoreboard.

What's your hometown saying?

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