Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NFL Bottom Feeders: Who's Going Oh-For

The Bengals, Texans, Rams and Lions are all winless on the season. The Texans probably should have beat Indy last week, the Bengals look terrible, but you would think they have the talent to get one "W". As for the Rams, a coaching change and reinstating Bulger as your QB might get them going in the right direction. And then there is the Lions, a complete zoo, they could have two of the more gifted receivers in William and Johnson but no one can get them the ball.
So the question is...Who is going to run the table in reverse this year?

I still think that for at least one freaking game, Carson Palmer, TJ and Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco aka No Show Johnson aka Mouthpiece ---will blow up for at least on game. The Bengals have no excuse. They'll get a win, and Chad will start yapping again.

As for the Texans, they must want to kill Sage after his Evil Knievel impression against the Colts. Slide dammit, slide young man. Everybody wants to be a hero. Instead Sage Rosenfels ended up airborn, spinning like a helicopter, by the time his dummied body hit the ground the Colts had put up 6 on the scoreboard. Schaub is back in, the Texans have a shot at their first win at home this week against Miami.

I'm on the fence between the Rams and the Lions. I think Jim Hasslett is a solid football mind, and he should be able to get this team to the point where they can get at least one game. To me, the Lions jump out at you as the team destined for futility.

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Voice of Treason said...

The Bungles will get a couple games under their belt against a couple mediocre teams because of their offense alone. Watching the Bungles defense try and stop the offense of another team is like watching someone hold water with toilet paper. They should('ve) cut loose Ocho Dinko and used that money to re-tool the D. Palmer and Housh are solid guys to build the offense around... Then again, the Bungles' organization have always had to deal with problems off field that affect the product on field. Yes sir, another Bungles player LB Blackstock has been suspended for 4 games because of performance enhancing drugs. The defense just got weaker but the offense will get them one.

The Texans (no moniker needed.. they're already from Texas) will work out the kinks and stupid mental errors and get one. Dudes just have to get used to their new stadium and settle in and settle down on the field.

That leave the Lambs and Cryins'. The Lambs have tried to get by with the same formula and almost the same personnel for years now. That doesn't work. As they stay the same the rest of the league catches up and surpasses with younger hungrier players and new offensive and defensive schemes. The lambs are lost in mediocrity and will be for a long time. Steven Jackson is one man and with virtually no other offensive threat except for a couple of dinosaurs he can't get much done. When you're the only offensive threat on a team it gets pretty easy to shut your ass down. The Lambs defense... what defense?

The Cryins' are in the same if not worse shape than the Lambs but for some reason I see them squeezing one win out. I don't know why. I just do.